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Oct 6, 2017

Today's blog is more of a story-time than an article. We've all had some pretty nice experiences with escorts, but I'm sure some of you have wilder and raunchier stories to tell so I was thinking we could share some of those days.


You'd think that working at an escort site I'd have some very, very wild stories, but I'm plenty sure my story is just a normal one compared to what you guys have, anyways here goes:


It might sound like something out of a sitcom, but this one time when I was younger I booked with a good looking, young blonde lady. She was a “masseuse” but of course, she moonlighted on the side as an escort and some of her services offered included a 4-hands massage with her sister. I didn't go for the 4-hands massage but I learned she had a sister that way, which will come up later in the story.


She calls me around two hours before the session and asks me if I could come into her incall 1 hour earlier cause she was booked for later and had forgotten, or so she said. She offered a discount next time I booked if I said yes so I agreed. I got to the place, she takes her top off and we start getting kinky and well, you know how the story goes right? We're right in the middle of the foreplay when a girl that looks exactly like the girl I was getting it on with comes in and gives a loud gasp.


Apparently the sister she mentioned in the ad is her twin sister, so I had booked with the girl from the ad but apparently, her sister called me and told me to come earlier so she could get the cash. They start fighting and I can hear them giving each other hell for stealing each other's clients and such… I tell them both to relax and offer the other sister a few bucks if she can help me get off along with her sister so that they both end up happy, and paid.


Sadly they moved away not too long after that and I didn't get that discount she mentioned, it could've been scripted for all I know but I got twins to fight over me and then give me everything. What's your story, pal?


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tiffanybae2 :

I bet a 3 some with them would have been fun

10-22-2017 17:16:35

lilliebabby :

Hello I'm new to this and I I'm kinda of confuse about how people coach you to set up,a apt I could really use some help with someome.more experienced than me to get me go. I'm new to this is not sure if I'm doing something wrong or kot

10-20-2017 22:25:24

tiatnium :

that is funny AF and a really great encounter that doesnt happen often

10-09-2017 11:44:07

anna.3472016005 :

Funny and really unexpected development of the events!

10-07-2017 08:00:52

dogpoundjimmy :

I had the same thing happen but not sisters just two girls sharing a apartment and it ended with everything good for 100 extra.

10-07-2017 06:27:34

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