What What In The Butt

Jan 31, 2018

The holiest of all holiest for some, anal has become a prominent part of our sexual culture, featured in many fantasies, reviews, and of course, porn movies. You couldn’t watch not one porn movie in the 90s with a big anal scene happening at some time.


What about your chances at anal? Well finding a GFE escort isn’t always the easiest task in the world, we know that. And finding one who does anal sex can be even harder, wouldn’t you agree? Asking your escort for her opinion in anal should not be taboo though, as long as you do it at a proper time, I don’t suggest just text them “ANAL PLS?” cause that might lead you to not find a date at all.


It’s always a good idea to talk with your provider about it if you’re looking for it and if she offers it, as anal sex requires both her and yourself to be in tip-top cleanliness for it to be both a safe and good experience. And also the magic word: Lube. You can’t go through the Hershey Highway without greasing up the tracks first.


If you’re into it, pegging, fingering and prostate massages are also anal options for guys, I hear they’ve been getting more and more popular now that we’ve come out of the sexual dark ages, have you ever tried any of those?


As always, be courteous and leave your escort a nice, good review on her Greek abilities after the fact, but don’t expect all providers to be up for anal every single time, baby.


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headgame :

Yes, I have. You wanna watch it.

02-18-2018 12:56:32

jada69848 :

Sexual orientation is definitely no longer black and white and I find it to be a great thing. 90% of my clients are based on men wanting to expore the forbidden and unknown. My sttap on will never get dusty that is for sure.

02-18-2018 08:49:05

6uldv8summer :

I see absolutely nothing wrong with any of that I'm a mature provider not a little girl it's the only problem I have is I am afraid to openly speak of these things or text but if you contact me and you mention my comment and then it's already a given

02-16-2018 08:37:04

solonefromrome :

Havint yet but would love to try

02-12-2018 23:58:34

mnhi57 :

love pegging

02-08-2018 15:06:46

rose1965 :

This often is referred to as tabu...seems that may be changing, if you both agree ahead of spending time together...its on! It's a good idea to discuss any hard stops if it doesn't go as planned;)

02-07-2018 16:37:16

humanoid :

Try the prostate massage,,,, so you know what it is like to be penetrated.

02-06-2018 14:23:00

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