Upscale Date Ideas

Jan 23, 2018

When I usually talk about “dates” here I am using that word as a euphemism for the time you’re gonna spend with your escort, but this time when I mean a “date” I do mean a date, two people going out for a fun time out enjoying each other’s company. Some of the higher end escorts I’ve met offer Date packages, where you don’t just take them out to a hotel and bang, but you actually take them out on a date (and then bang).


What kind of date is best for this? I only ever pulled the trigger once, it felt great cause the lady was a really good looking knockout blonde. I took her out to a date at a very well known local amusement park, not the kind with the huge rollercoasters and myriad of crying and screaming kids, again, it was more of a local thing. Ferris wheel, some cotton candy, a few laughs and a walk down the place, it was relaxed. I met two of my coworkers there who later told the whole office about this super hot lady they saw me with, if only they knew.


It was a great experience and although it did cost a pretty penny, it was worth it, and I don't mean just cause of the banging that went on after our amusement park visit. Now I would like to book another date like that, but if I was really good at dating I’d probably be blogging at a dating website instead of here, ha!


Tell me, have you ever done a dating service with an escort? I wanna know about your dates, expensive dinners are overdone, I wanna know what else drives a lady.


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6uldv8summer :

I think that's sweet and I also believe a date prior to Desert makes a certain connection so that when you do get together it's just a little more intimate for the time but I would probably want to find a quiet spot at the amusement park just for a little appetizer

02-16-2018 08:41:12

rose1965 :

Maybe the escort would go on a date, enjoy drinks, good conversation and spend some intimate time together after for which would be considered billable time

02-07-2018 16:32:04

6uldv8summer :

i am a provider i can give you a few ideals ,for me i would love to go to a dinner but slip away to maybe the bathroom for some....well you get the gist. maybe a movie something exciting different even a little dangerous. (exhibitionist kind of danger ) if you got it in you

02-02-2018 12:28:19

tsrockstar :

Lookn for sum blk dick

01-24-2018 22:04:20

nicole1120 :

Well sounds like an awesome date. I am an escort myself. It's also nice to go shopping. Movies are cool. Going to the casino is a great idea! Get a room to go back to after some fun and a few drinks! Oh yeah! Lol

01-24-2018 17:15:54

turkgray6977 :

Yes. I went out on a great date with a super hottie. Took her to lunch and all. Very enjoyable. However, upon return to my place she had to get home to pick her kid up from middle school. So although I had a great time I felt kind of bad because I'm not in the habit of having to pay for a friend to come visit me. I already have some worthy great and good looking friends I could take to lunch costing me only the price of lunch.

01-23-2018 20:56:31

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