The Sun Don’t Shine State

Oct 19, 2017

I saw it on the news the other day, 277 people arrested in five days in Florida by cops posing as prostitutes, posting ads online and luring solicitors in. Polk County in The Sunshine State has seen a lot of hobbyists get taken out to court where the sun won't shine that day for them, truly an underhanded tactic used by the police.


If I had to take an educated guess I would say none of those 277 people had an Erotic Monkey account or used our service in any way. We keep you updated and bring you any heads up, information and review and will make that information available for you. Make us your #1 resource for any matter that may arise or any doubt that you have.


Our team is dedicated to updating both Erotic Monkey and the Erotic Monkey blog with any vital information for your safety and the safety of all escorts, making sure you don't fall for any traps from LE. Anytime you feel something might be up, anything seems sketchy or wrong let us know and we'll get on it like a starving baboon on a banana split on a hot summer day.


Hobby safe and smart, not fast and hard.


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sadie25 :

Er maybe I'm missing it but where are you posting these warnings? yourfreak - I'm with you, I'm about fed up with the number of guys who push for details. I'm half convinced half of them just want to jerk off while I tell them about my appointments. I refuse, every time, without exception. I tell them their best bet to find out information is to review, my reviews. That's where TEM really DOES come in handy for me. If they're too lazy to do that I have no interest in wasting time on them.

11-12-2017 17:43:25

yourfreak :

Tang56 thanks for posting. I'm a provider an I'm shocked that guys calling me don t have a clue, then they tell me I must be a cop because I refuse to respond to their text stating exactly what they will get for their money. I turn down over 20 (up to 70 a cpl dif days) callers a day asking for explicit services & the ones who text it making sure there's a papertrail amaze me......And the one thing that really burns my nerves- they get the appt. I'm on my way they know I'm driving myself and I get bout 5 mins from location goto check my texts and they have texted asking me if I'm bringing condoms cuz they don't have protection there. Then after cussing them out and declining their appt. they tell me that its my fault that they are 38 yrs old a school teacher an are completely ignorant of the laws.......sorry I'm getting off subject...... But some guys were telling me that on a site it was telling them to make sure they ask us what exactly we do. Even though we are legit we have no idea that you aren't even if we screen you there's no way for us to kno you aren't working for law enforecment, sadly so many men do especially after they got caught an turn over all their play acct.passwords an their burn phones. Help keep us legit girls safe by allowing us to screen you

10-31-2017 15:11:25

firewall99 :

Hey Tiffany ! What kind of work do you do?))99! Ok

10-29-2017 20:08:50

lina.6466530330 :

I've read about it in the news.

10-25-2017 21:22:21

bella.6464742906 :

I would like to say thank you eroticmonkey team. I work is realy cool and and like to use it very much.

10-25-2017 21:07:25

tang56 :

I try to always do a search online before to verify if a clear established work history exists along with credible reviews. This is essentially a screening of providers.

10-20-2017 21:58:01

tang56 :

I agree, and as a Florida resident this is concerning. A blog or article on methods to avoid LE would be really helpful and I imagine of great interest. So please do so! Here are simple tips I've used to avoid LE (fortunately it's worked so far). 1) do a quick online search, this will let you know if reviews exist and how long provider has been working. A clear and long history, along with credible reviews is a strong sign the provider is not associated with LE and you're likely safe. If provider is completely new, no reviews, be super cautious or maybe wait a while until they've established a more credible history that you can track online before a visit. Better safe than sorry. Having a little patience to either wait or find another provider with established track record is better than getting arrested. 2) if you get any "sketchy" or "uneasy" feeling, trust your instinct and BAIL right away, don't think it through too much, just trust your gut and leave. I've done this several times and have never regretted it. 3) I've read that for LE to arrest you, they must make it clear upfront that money is in exchange for explicit sexual act. Meaning certain language has to be used at a specific junction and time point of interaction. This means you need to be super attuned to language being used, how it's used and when it's used. Although providers frequently expect money upfront, they typically won't say explicitly whats going to happen next, or list out loud what sexual acts you're paying for before you give them the money , they usually just get to business. But if one were to say "50 dollars is for a blow job, ok?" Or "100 for good sex" and really seem to be making an effort verbally entrap you; then that's your cue to either run for the hills or play stupid with a reply like "sorry, i thought this was just to spend some time with you, nothing else" Anyhow, these are just my thoughts, I would be interested to hear from others, especially anyone that has been caught or arrested to find out how to avoid such a thing.

10-20-2017 21:55:15

spinneraddiction :

Thank you. Nothing about this is worth getting in trouble folks. I've learned a lot about LE tricks and traps over the last few years and never got caught. We should post a blog somewhere about it and share stories

10-20-2017 06:41:41

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