Star Your Own Adult Film

Feb 8, 2018

You ever done a home-made porn? I’m not talking about having a plot and a set, I mean just engaged in recording a sexual encounter with a (consenting!!) partner? It’s always been a thing, I remember back in the day a lot of personal cam-coders were sold with double-entendre taglines that were all wink wink we know you’re gonna use this to film some porn.


With the advent of cell phone cameras and digital cameras all of that became pretty much attainable for the average consumer, now I’ve even seen some escorts who offer a video package on their menu where they let you film them getting it on with you. Of course, I’ve only seen a few but I’m sure you heard of it.


Nowadays it’s plenty simple, you can even see all the Backpage ads with tons upon tons of videos taken by the ladies themselves shaking their booties for the camera, it’s a wild ride.


You ever done your own porn? Sex tape? You might not be Paris Hilton-tier, but hey, a little something is something, right?


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shun1217 :

Sounds interesting may try next Monday...

02-14-2018 07:12:44

sinnerorsaint :

I've done 6 and they've all been me with 2 or 3 women. It is very hot watching your own porn. But you really need a third person to film and do closeups. It's kind of difficult to film while your fucking. But there are some scenes that are better when you film them yourself like doing someone doggy and filming a POV shot. Setting cameras up on tripods works but you need at least two. Lighting is critical and unless you want it to look really lame you and your partner are fucking for the camera and that may require a lot of patience.

02-13-2018 23:24:12

giggity00 :

Pretty much everything is better than the Paris Hilton video

02-11-2018 02:15:11

sexyvixen4higher :

I have, and always will

02-10-2018 00:04:08

spitnstroke74 :

Nothing better than masturbating to one of your own videos! So f ing hot!!

02-09-2018 00:08:15

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