Feb 21, 2018

I’m gonna assume as always that all our users are young and in the 18-30 age range, and as such lead very active lifestyles, but just in the off chance that you don’t let me remind you of something that you should take in mind if you’re gonna be having sex a lot: Exercise! The other exercise I mean, having a lot of sex is good exercise but you still need to crunch, bench, and push, baby.


I personally wake up every morning and do a big set of push-ups, I hear these are great for missionary sex when you’re both on the bed. There’s also the judo push-up, where you put your elbows closer to your ribs and push your hips down, kind of like if you were getting it on with a girl. That’s a favorite of mine and really helps keep you up there.


For people who love spinners I recommend you get yourself something heavy, a sandbag or a backpack with lots of books/weights in it should suffice, and bearhug it, then do squats with it, this is called a sandbag bear hug squat, it’s a mouthful but believe me, you’ll be lifting up spinners like it’s nothing.


 Any other exercises you guys use to keep yourself healthy and for better sex? Lemme know cause I gotta switch it up soon with my morning regime.


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