(Sex) Toy Story

Feb 28, 2018

Now as the admin of a sex-related website I’ve told all the crazy sex stories that the guys and girls here at the office talk about, and as sex-experienced as we may be (which we really aren’t much more than you are most often than not lol) there’s one topic that none of the guys here had a hand in, and the girls did. I’m talking about sex toys.


Now I’m not trying to start a battle of the sexes here, but in my opinion the sex toy industry in the U.S. is pretty much geared towards two camps: people who put stuff inside them and complete freaks. Either you get your average dildos, fuzzy cuffs, roleplaying attires, edible panties… and then you go over to the dutch wives and fake vaginas and fake tits. Now those last ones are ones I’d rather not know about.


A friend from Japan once showed me what they call a “Tenga” over there which is pretty much a gelatin sleeve that you put some lube on and roll over your dick, it’s supposed to feel pretty good and there’s a place here in the state our office is located in that sells a few of those things… but I’ve always been to afraid to try it.


Anyone have any experience with sex toys? Has your escort ever offer a toy-enhanced session?


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mayablossoms :

Many of my sessions have been toy-enhanced, my clients love it.... They get to watch me squirt and squirm into a sexual Ecstasy that’s mind blowing for us both.

03-18-2018 14:45:34

tessa-509 :

Now I’m extremely a huge believer in giving yourself plague, it’s the best way to handle a few things headaches* stress* period cramps* the Sensation to have orgasms one after thee other. I have a huge collection of toys I have toys for my ass and the best vibrators that make my cunt squirt all over multiple times lol and every time I play with myself I squirt it’s so wired that I’ve never had a man to get me off to the point I squirt like I can do with my sex toys. Matter a fact it’s a of my favorite things to pass time, and also favorite thing to do when I’m traveling I always have at list one for my cunt and one for my ass and I like to have my toy on my clict then barely going in out of my cunt then right before I cum then I like to go beast mode honey in no time I’ll have my cunt squirt out like the Grand Canyons waterfalls and I like to say if you can’t please yourself and respect your self love your self then in the long you will regret it

03-08-2018 21:20:47

jayceondaboss89 :

Definitely love it.

03-03-2018 17:05:36

nickstar96 :

Most sex shops have mastication sleeves.cheap.Under $20. Lube it up ant it slides nicely.

03-01-2018 08:46:56

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