Jul 16, 2017

It's a tough game we play in our hobby.  As clients, we would love to scream from the rooftops of our sexual conquests as well as our ability to make sure that the provider is getting taken care of in a respectful as well as monetary manner.  This builds up our credibility and opens doors to seeing more and more women so we can scream even louder.  However, there is a lot to be said about keeping a low profile and making sure that you do not caught up with the LE or law enforcement.  Here are a few tips on doing so. 


First and foremost, remind you to use a burner phone so that none of the information you give out can be tracked to that cell phone, turn it off when it's not in use and remove the SIM card if it's a newer phone. Use hobby e-mails too, nothing personal ever.  It is easier than ever now a days to get a phone. Pay in cash and load up the phone with service as needed. 


Never give out head shots. If your provider asks for a picture to verify any info you give her (i.e. ethnicity, weight) always make it to a neck shot instead, or cover your face. You can use a piece of paper with a timestamp and a reference (the burner phone number, the name you gave her) to cover your face or anything that would give you away.


I've heard too about escorts asking for a copy or scan of your driver's license. I always advise against this, cross-referencing a DL is extremely easy and will always make you give out your real name. If it's a high-end escort or agency that is known for being discreet, you probably will be ok, but even then I would advise against providing anyone with your license, even if you black out the more “sensitive” info.


If you ever feel weird about a situation, you can always pull back and not go through with it.  There are a lot of chances to bail out and you should definitely do so if necessary.  No pussy is so good that you end up in an orange jumpsuit.  Well…maybe there is…but you will be hard pressed to convince me.



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karrine :

It is bad advice to suggest not to give a head shot. I like to receive a picture of the man I am to meet. If he can't verify who I am meeting like he can verify my professional presence then that makes me uneasy. It makes me think he has ulterior motives.

08-12-2017 16:20:49

pdennings :

Hello and thanks for taking time to help me. I am considering an escort here in NY/NJ for the first time. I've been going through your website to look for possible providers and have found a few that have peaked my interest. I've read the reviews for the ones I've found in my area and they all look good. When I clicked on a couple of their websites they ask for a reference and some ask for Name, and Employer. With social media being the way it is today I'm not quite sure how I feel about giving my real name and don't feel comfortable providing employer info. Also, since it wouod be my first time, i dont have any references. Any suggestions on how to move forward?

08-12-2017 13:29:18

mzeyekandi2017 :

I am a verified provider. I have asked many times for a face picture of a client. You know who i am, what i look like and where i am, why is it too much that i should want to know who will be showing up at my door? Now, let me be clear i am NOT saying send your photo to anyone who asks, but if she is a reputable verified provider then it shouldn't be an issue. MzEyeKandi where Fantasy meets Reality

08-10-2017 10:25:20

kandi_pleasures :

I am a verified provider. I have asked many times for a face picture of a client. You know who i am, what i look like and where i am, why is it too much that i should want to know who will be showing up at my door? Now, let me be clear i am NOT saying send your photo to anyone who asks, but if she is a reputable verified provider then it shouldn't be an issue. I have asked to see an address in a puece of mail or a DL to verify address for an outcall. I understand everyone is worried about LE but, as a provider LE is the least of our worries behind a client who possibly doesnt have the best intentions. We have to do the nest judgement with the information we have about you. Just a thought from the otherside of the coin.

08-04-2017 21:19:10

2xlyphe :

I've been asked to provide my full name, employment and social media. I said hell no. As bad as I wanted some time with this provider, discretion was more important.

08-04-2017 10:15:35

boneless :

I've given my real name and shown my real driver's license, without being asked. I figure I'm asking a woman to let down her guard, to welcome me into her space, and to begin to trust me. I don't have any problem sharing my identification with her. It's just a piece of plastic with my photo and some numbers. I've shown my ID to clerks, brokers, tellers, receptionists, police, post office employees, bar tenders, etc. What's the big deal? The escort can't incriminate you unless you are foolish. Never talk about menus and you'll be fine. If an escort requires screening, and you send a picture of yourself with a bag on your head, how do you think she's going to react? It's insane. Both of you are initially vulnerable. That's just the way it is. I suppose you could get a fake ID, but I've never considered such a thing.

07-30-2017 21:27:23

horseback :

For some sites, your handle is also your passport to pass screening. Like the handle on this site may one day pass if they can verify your account via PM. This is particularly true if some ladies can check on the box that they met you, like a free verification site. If a lady is doing incall in a hotel, that should be enough for her security. Some Asian houses insist on screening. I would say they try hard to avoid trouble makers. If they have your real name or company number, you are less likely to tell everybody that "she is not the girl in the picture". (most of them aren't for good reasons) I was once desperate and sent them my driver license with most info redacted except for the name and picture. I doubt if they can verify that the image is real. As for asking for your company number, I would say I can always setup a company and hire a receptionist. It doesn't cost that much as you may think. If you give up your real name, all your relatives and how much your house worth are all traceable in seconds. For this reason, I don't have a Facebook account. Think twice if you want to pay with your corporate card. I know for a fact that they charge more for publicly listed brain surgeons. And think thrice for using your personal number for calling services. One day you join Whatsapp or WeChat and your contact list will be full of hookers and pimps and they all have your profile.

07-26-2017 11:43:54

horseback :

For a burner phone, you still need to carry. If you are surrounded in your car, you have no chance to throw it away, lol. Alternatively, you can have a burner 2nd line on your everyday smartphone, in the form of VOIP over data. If you are surrounded, you may still delete the VOIP app or just wipe the phone. Hopefully, they cannot force you to give up your password or don't bother to use NSA forensics experts to recover data from your phone.

07-26-2017 11:13:19

mamma710 :

That's some really bad advice to use burner phone numbers and all that's going to do is get you a bunch of crackheads with pimps! Most decent providers use services that check the phone numbers to see if their legit and if it comes back with no info then she won't see you or she'll ask for more info if she decides to do so and hiding your identity only hurts you and makes you look like a creep. Just keep it simple and don't ask any illegal questions or say anything stupid and you'll be fine and remember LE can't bust you if you don't say anything over the phone.

07-25-2017 18:46:27

petergriffin1983 :

Use it doesnt require a back up email no one will look for you there

07-25-2017 08:43:17

charless6969 :

Thank you, Fellow Hobbyist, for your timely comments! We must always remember that our American society in it's Blue Laws harkens back to The Puritan Settlers, or "The Fellowship of Friendship" as they preferred to be recognized. The Puritan's were actually a Conspiriacy against The English Royal House, thus the subterfuge in their name (They had however purchased land through a Strawman Buy in The Dutch Netherlands as an escape if their plot against Queen Elizabeth I were to be discovered-- a factoid which most Historians seem to bury)... Thus The Blue Laws, thus the closing by The various Dept.s of Public Health (The Puritans as The Selectmen of London use the matter and concern of The Public Welfare to Close all the Theatres in London, and placed a Ban on The Theatre as a whole. Thus in response to this Moralistic non-sense, The English Theatrical Community invented Opera! -Charless6969

07-24-2017 21:30:50

robyr77 :

I made both mistakes.. Using my personal phone and sending a full screenshot. Never had any problem but lesson learned. You guys be safe.

07-23-2017 12:06:18

braddark :

@fallen, if that was the case with BP, then why is the gov't going after them? They should welcome a site like BP

07-20-2017 11:15:44

aonetwo :

Is LE really a problem if your dealing with adults? Just remember if it is too good to be true, it probably is. I am sure they have worked every source they can. I just have never paid for sex, but I have compensated a lady for time and travel.

07-18-2017 21:01:34

denevier :

How can I find out if someone is legit ,this chick I'm curious about because I seen her on Instagram. I wanna know if its really her or not

07-18-2017 08:41:13

powers :

Yikes! I'm about to take the dive as a newbie! Thanks for the info. I made a contact to a provider and she asked me for a pic. Like a compliant puppy I sent a few! What's the best way to get a burner phone. Also is gmail the best for anominity or is there a better way.

07-16-2017 16:15:00

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