Pricing Fluctuations

Mar 31, 2017

One thing that is near and dear in our hearts and wallets is the price that it will cost to nail a provider for a price that we see is fair.  And yet time and time again, we look at providers that have multiple reviews and the price paid has quite large fluctuations.  While most would say that the review is fake because the price is a bit offline, I would argue that there are many reasons that the price could be different.


There are many reasons a girl's price will be less than what is advertised.  Like most people, these working girls have bills to pay and these bills come up usually at the end of the month.  If a girl does not have the cash to make those payments, she for sure would lower her rates to make sure the rent is paid for.  End of the night discounts are also favorable to the client as maybe the girl wants to sneak in that last bang before she is done for the night. Although the girl may not be in the best shape for action since she has been working all night long, the client can get a discount for that slight inconvenience.


Another reason a girl would lower their price is to satisfy the long term customer.  These known quantities will come back all the time and provide a base of revenue for the girl.  In turn, the girl may offer “volume” discounts in a discrete manner to help hold their business.  As a rule, providers do not want to look like the “Kmart” of working girls, but giving discounts in private helps both the provider and the client.  They will not try to cater to those guys that are trying to hit it and quit it for cheap, but will make sure that her best clients are taken care of.


Lastly, girls will give a discounted rate for a review on sites like this one.  Now before you go off thinking that these are somewhat biased reviews, you have to think that it is in the providers best interest to provide the best service to these providers that are essentially going to advertise for them.  Imagine a provider giving a discount to a client and providing horrible service. That provider loses the delta between what she should have got and the discounted price PLUS unwanted negative feedback on the encounter the client had. 


On the flip side, you may see that some clients wrote reviews where the donation is more than the advertised.  One big reason for this is that client tipped the girl for a job well done.  It is not uncommon for guys to tip the girls, especially when that euphoria from a session is still ripe in the guy's mind.  Of course, the whole tipping thing is a hotly contested debate, and is probably best left for another post.

But for the time being, please add to this list of reasons.


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turkgray6977 :

I would like the opportunity to give donation at the end of the session. I think it would help improve performance . All my life I have had to work first then get my check. That is the American way. I mean since we are looking at this like it is a huge job for all involved.

04-18-2017 14:42:53

toby_cmu :

Do you know about you guys but I like to harsh out the details first on the phone then pay for hhr if the hhr is good or great I come back full hr or more depending on how good the service was

04-16-2017 13:06:31

loveashlyn :


04-12-2017 23:34:02

formedriver9 :

Thanks for the advice perhaps the next time I see a girl I will seek one towards the end of the month. So I get more bang for my money.

04-09-2017 23:13:14

elwin4 :

Some escorts have particular choices. It's an off the grid biz not regulated by anyone but the escort. We all have things we won't do.

04-08-2017 13:19:17

zaydspade :

Interesting blog here. I just example this: I called a provider and in her add saw 100roses for X time which was cool because I had 100roses to play with. As we were conversating​ she searched me up and saw I was African American. Now, she says,"for you since you're black I will do 160 or okay 140roses. So I told her you advertised this price (which I do like as a client when it's upfront because it stops being surprised when you call and no in negotiations which waste both client and provider time). So there might be a price difference on the race-card. She just body said you search is over here I am but your price is more. While talking to her, I am still on her post and noticed I am paying hour price for a *half* hour. I thought it was unfair so I declined and she actually argued that it was fair. The other thing I have noticed as a client is when a provider comes in from out of state they bring that amount with them. For example: I am from Oklahoma where the cost of living is low. I call a provider from Connecticut, Los Angeles, New York where the cost of living is high. I have 300roses but she's wanting 800 to 1000roses. Now some providers will stay in the state long enough to get an idea of the cost of the upscale crowd. This is my first blog *Ever* Lol

04-08-2017 10:08:19

elwin4 :

Some prefer it over saying you'll do an hour with a lady who might skimp or might have too many rules, etc. When I was at the Mustang Ranch in Sparks I planned on just one round, but discovered I felt ok with her and upped it to an hour and I had a fantastic time. She just made me pay the difference. Some guys do that through reviews I read and it makes sense. Presently, I go a minimum of 1 hour, but I see the same girl. Had I done a quickie with the one I saw a couple months ago I would have gotten the same treatment. (rushed but saved money) I think it's logical to do a half hour or less just to try her out and mention you'll do more and write a great review if the session works. Just be upfront and ask if you can apply the 1st fee toward the time increase.

04-05-2017 16:47:42

fallen___angel :

10 and 15 minute sessions? Lol. I have never even heard of that. By the time you come in the door, say hello and put the donation down, your time is up!

04-05-2017 07:32:17

elwin4 :

Tend to think that a woman can size you up in minutes and know your gullibility. There are men that walk up to a car dealership and pay full price because they suck at haggling. If a person makes an offer and wants something now the bait is set for the hungry escort to bite it now. In my opinion any woman that does escorting needs the money more than you need the sex. If she gives it for free she has another alternative, either wants sex because you seem nice to her or she wants a relationship. So you tell me does she need to be an escort for sex? (unless she might kill two birds with one stone) Once you realize this, it's the money she wants to feed her chicks at home and pay her rent. All the bullshit calls she gets piss her off but when you come in with a solid offer it simplifies her life and you might save 100 over a two hour session. Being nice to a woman and showing you like to please is a plus, so you sell yourself two fold. To give evidence I've only paid full price once with any escort and she was a dud and seemed to care less about making my experience awesome. If I had talked her down I might have had a better time because her taking my lower price meant she wasn't so self motivated and needed to prove herself. Women like to be challenged. If you do that and show you can live without her session you become a challenge if you use your brain instead of your lust. She already posts a tempting ad so it shows she wants your business otherwise she would just say her task and her price. Lol! "Look I don't know you or your performance so I'm taking a big risk here for the higher price you asked, that's why I have to offer you X amount till I know you better, then we can renegotiate. Before I go, I'm here now and would rather see you than someone else, so what do you say?

04-04-2017 15:19:30

bubblethegumkid :

My price always fluctuates depending on how bad I need the cash. I always work with my clientele as well.

04-03-2017 23:56:41

bubblethegumkid :

My rates fluctuate based on how bad I need the cash. I offer ten and fifteen minute sessions and I tend to work with my clientele

04-03-2017 23:56:02

toohorny2nite :

Another reason could be that one doesn't have the funds for the full price, and the provider says come anyway, but gives a lesser service or time than they may otherwise have done.

04-02-2017 01:39:37

aljacked :

I agree for the most part. I should start looking into the deals at the end of the month. I usually just pay what they ask.

03-31-2017 18:23:03

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