One Hour Energy

Aug 31, 2017

You paid for a whole hour, beat the meat on the day of your date so you would last longer, you got with your date, did the foreplay, and did the deed. Wow, great time, right? But then you look over at the clock, and only 20 minutes have passed. Jesus, you didn't last too long, cowboy, what are you gonna do now for the next 40 minutes?


The obvious thing to do, which you should always do before coming in with a new date,  ask if multiple pops are allowed. If you can rub two out in an hour, you can definitely pop twice for a nice date. Some ladies charge extra, some include it in your hourly rate. If it's the latter then you're golden, take a breather and go to town on her again.


Depending on the level of trust and closeness between you and your date you could always ask for a massage, I know a lot of escorts who are also certified masseuses, but even if they aren't a nice little rubdown won't hurt you, there's a reason why they're so popular among the hobbying crowd, why not try it out?


After a sweaty main course in your one hour date, you and your partner could probably also be all sweaty. Why not try a mutual shower? If you had an outcall to your hotel room, or her incall has a shower you could always make that suggestion.


More GFE-type dates could also include cuddling, more kissing, stuff like that. I find that in general escorts who enjoy dating are very chatty, and some have very interesting stuff to say. Why not get to know your escort better hugging her naked body in bed?


Well, let me know how you guys deal with long dates if you pop quick. I won't lie I barely last half an hour doing the act, and I always book for an hour, I'd like to know any cool ideas you guys have to fill out that time.


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alpine01 :

patam0818, you said it all man. And I agree with sadie25: get some class, dudes! My preferred term is simply, 'Go', such as "Do you mind if we go more than once...provided we've got the time, of course?" That near-always does the trick with my ladies, as they both appreciate my having asked and in a manner that's respectful. And seriously, like patam0818 said: Bring just a little something 'extra' to the occasion, a small token of appreciation for why you'e there and it doens't really matter, chocolates, even a favorite ladies'll pay for itself in spades with any true lady's "appreciation" for the rare effort you've just shown!

11-30-2017 16:44:06

sadie25 :

Am I alone in hating the any term that references the word 'pops'? I dont know what it is, it just sounds ludicrous, probably one of the least sexy things I've ever heard. And if you ever ask me to vocalize the commitment of a sexual act in a paid appointment, I'm never going to provide you a vocal answer. Be safe people.

11-12-2017 18:34:04

patam0818 :

Call me old school but a good GFE with the DFK will make me a 2-for-1 hourly special. Sexy lady that will treat the man right - isn't that the dream? I always ask for another round a bring a bottle of good wine and good convo for encouragement. As a married man - you gotta bring your A-game all the time....

10-08-2017 00:07:29

jenniferlovelace :

As an escort myself,For me personally.....I like to try for that second ...even they cant finish, I know it feels good! If there's time after that then we usually joke around ...make small talk..otherwise ge to know each other better...since after the are much more comfortable chitchatting.Regardless of the time left..if any, ive made sure that my date has had their fill and we are both satisfied beyond measure. Find out for yourself, I'm in southern California. Xoxo Jennifer

09-23-2017 18:55:41

mrslee :

So I want to place a add for San Antonio but don't know how

09-22-2017 21:34:58

sjurgen :

2 pops is automatic. I always try n go twice. I don't even ask. There is no speed limit! Just time limit!

09-19-2017 17:40:11

atwdiwdw :

I figure the cost for an hour is the minimum for a good time, whether it is done in 5 or 55 minuets

09-16-2017 11:39:35

discreetone4me :

What is the secret to getting a response from one of these beauties?

09-14-2017 06:02:46

jillyclaire :

Multiple pops are encouraged in my sessions. Lol

09-10-2017 19:34:28

cowboy49 :

My EM is not up dating...showing newer reviews. Any hints?

09-06-2017 05:12:32

sweet_pants1979 :

I'm new to this but every one can be scandalous. You really don't know who you're dealing with.

09-03-2017 20:14:37

kamrul15 :

Today its possible a quite escort

09-02-2017 07:52:02

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