Just getting to the initial meeting

Mar 24, 2017

I don't understand it. I have the itch.  Junior is just raring to go and get some relief from some nice big boobed Latina chica with a large ass.  Paycheck is cashed and there are a couple benjamins burning a hole in my wallet, so we are good to go on the money front.  Car is also gassed up and ready. 


So, to confirm:


Horny:  Yes

Money:  Yes

Transportation:  Yes

Internet:  Yes


All I really need now is a lady of the night.  So, I head to Backpage in my desired city of Miami.  I spend some time to search the listings.  And in Miami, there is no shortage of big booty Latinas.  In the ads, they are also very plentiful.  I am meticulous in my preparation.  I searched through 20 ads and decided on 8 that comprise the top of my list.  My top pick was gorgeous, at least from the pics.  She was a shorty with a beautiful face, tight body, big tits, and oh that booty, just large, full and juicy.


I texted her and waited and waited.  Nothing. Not even a call back or text.  I guess she was just too damn hot and her booty was too damn delicious for me.  So, after about five minutes I moved on to contestant number 2.  Large ass latina with the big boobs, but just not as cute as a face.  Tried her and again….nothing. 


As you can tell, this happened a bunch more times.  6 to be exact before I got a hold of my 7thchoice.  She had the assets, big boobs, big ass, but there was just something about her that I didn't like.  Perhaps it was her pictures, trying to look cuter than she actually was using angles to make herself skinnier than her actual BBW appearance.  Or perhaps it was her telephone number written out in words. Or her actual ambivalent tone when I called her for a meet.


In any case, the encounter turned out to be a mediocre experience.  I was able to get off and that was the main thing, but the lengths it took for me to get there were a little much.  And to top it all off, I got my 7thchoice.  Not exactly even the consolation prize.


So, as I headed back to the car, I reflected on what could have gone wrong.  Like how could I have gotten left with one of the lower choices on the list? Are the ones on the top that much in demand?  Is my number blacklisted by from a previous owner's misdeeds?  I just done know.  It was the perfect storm of events.  On a good day it would not have even got this far.  I just hope that the next time, I have the itch, maybe my first pick will be the one to scratch it.



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broncoman :

I'm actually getting tired of the hobby there seem to be so many greedy ,upsell,girls and my regulars are getting boring I think I need to be more upbeat in my texting but all I can think of is they are like a dime a dozen and they act like they are made of gold.just venting I'm in SLC cute girls hear but liars.

04-28-2017 07:28:09

rocky28599 :

Im scared to even meet up with them

04-20-2017 08:11:45

easyondeyes4u :

Yes, the hunting and searching can be a pain but look for "local talent" and once you find the provider that "fits the bill", stick with her. Found out providers like regulars and will do almost anything for them!

04-08-2017 06:55:52

elwin4 :

Might add that when I was new to this I failed to notice the ad date (if it's a couple days old they might be far away) and these girls with the pics that make your jaw drop, get so many calls they ignore them after they did a couple guys that day. If you call after a certain time they close shop. The freaks come out after midnight (which some avoid) and their morning traffic generate income early hours so they justify the low clientele. In low income areas like where I live they're more apt to answer but in high volume areas they get pounded (no pun intended) with calls and enough business.

04-02-2017 23:29:49

jimjam :

Yup, sometimes it is like a pipe dream. Money talks...but sometimes that money is just not loud enough

03-28-2017 21:08:31

maham :

WOW that was a professional Escort Service.

03-28-2017 09:35:50

gillianrose :

Tell me if i am WRONG please. I love love what I do. I respond to all calls to see if we vibe or if he is for real. Hunny sadly girls like that make ALL OF US AMAZING ladies pay for it. By INVESTING ,among so many other things. Sweety they were probably fake. That's why on gillianrose.callgirlfiles.com I am verified among escortestate.com go under central Jersey yaay lol I am real and I wud go with this cute lady who offered first. We obviously belong to same site but WE ARE REAL. I am 35! Glad to know us mature ones are wanted lol. I feel horrible that happened well I am in NEW JERSEY and the traffic of real men seem low. I have had horrific experiences oxoxoxo @GillianRoseGFE

03-26-2017 23:56:11

desireemcggffee :

DMarbe you should call me too.:-)

03-25-2017 22:04:19

desireemcggffee :

Hi I apparently saw you before. Give me a call again when I'm in town It's desireemcbride.callgirlfiles.com (loved the review btw) my porn is free on my other site onlyfans.com/desireemcggffee

03-25-2017 22:02:16

dmarbe :

Yea, happened to me before too. And its like shit. I got the money and I am ready to use it.

03-24-2017 21:04:06

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