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Jan 23, 2017

Here is a topic that everyone should be very familiar with before embarking on a escorted date.  Namely where does this date occur?  Is it an Incall date where you go to the provider’s location or is it an outcall date where the provider comes to you?


I will outline some of the major pros and cons of each and give you a better understanding of where your date should take place.





·     You can keep your location private as you are going to their location.

·     Other people in your household will not be the wiser, especially the wife or significant other.

·     Incall session usually cost less than outcall sessions. 



·     More of a chance of a sting happening at this location.  Law enforcement can set up a meet and nab johns looking for some action.

·     You have to make the effort to drive out to the provider’s location.  Often times, these girls double book and the first person to arrive gets the session.

·     Bait and switch type situations where a provider may not be as advertised.  In situations like this, you have to make the decision to stay .

·     Robbed or ripped off by the provider or pimp.





·     Less likely that a sting will occur.  Usually law enforcement will try to nab multiple johns instead of a single one. 

·     Homebase. Can take comfort in knowing your surroundings.

·     Outcall is for the lazy johns.  You don’t even have to leave your house to have service.




·     More expensive. There are costs associated with the girl getting to your location.  They will tack on a cost for time spent going to your location. Also, if you get a hotel, there are costs involved there too.

·     Pool of women is smaller.  Most girls do incall since it is safer for them.



What do you guys prefer and why?



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sflswingers :

Outcall only. I have a beach condo on the 27th floor with private armed security, I clear everyone coming up to the floor. Plus I have direct video feed to see everyone in the lobby, no chance of law enforcement or pimps/drivers ever getting past the security desk without getting shot.

03-31-2017 18:55:22

alize21 :


03-31-2017 09:51:35

sexhotgril :

Out call so I know where am at

03-28-2017 11:05:26

misssnowbunny :

i love both. people come to my home. and i love seeing nice new homes

03-14-2017 20:35:30

barbie77 :

I love incall because my place is clean and safe

03-14-2017 03:27:00

barbie77 :


03-14-2017 03:25:11

brooke4fun760 :

@grunt812. Maybe you should raise your standards. It's rather narrow minded to say Incall is always dirty. I do Incall only, and my location is clean. It sucks you had a bad experience, but please don't be upset if you got mud on your boots while playing at the bottom of the pond.

03-11-2017 17:51:21

desiree84 :

Here for your pleasure..

03-09-2017 07:32:13

outlaw0069 :

Soft hands and lips

03-08-2017 01:04:26

gillianrose :

Def incalls oh I have a date I clear my whole day to scrub the whole place where I live and to make myself look picture-perfect and to also have everything that I used to cater to my date and it's sad because a lot of girls make it harder for the girls like me who invest and getting verified and everything I have verification paper saying I have no STDs I have verification paper saying that my pictures are real and that everything is real and it's just sad I look at all these topics and how I'm treated and it's always because of one or two bad apples

03-02-2017 14:32:59

gillianrose :

It makes me sick whenot I have an in call in clear my day to scrub my place. As well myslef to be perfect. I feel a lof don't put that effort in . It sucks .I'm independent/verfied in every way and have slow traffic but idk. Just a crappie day had a client who could have been 500 of money that feeds me and I am tired of being screwed over. But the bad ones make it harder for the good ones

03-02-2017 14:29:58

nathan12 :

Incalls are risky but that's where EM comes in with reviews. I just don't feel comfortable letting the provider know my home address

03-01-2017 17:00:30

grunt812 :

I like outcalls due to the fact that most incalls are in a dirty location. There seems to be no effort to vacuum or do dishes in some of these places. I have left because of the bed room looked like a crack house. We they come to me it is clean and quite

03-01-2017 01:50:59

heaven8 :


03-01-2017 00:14:48

southbaygent :

Re: LE I heard of bust happening at hotels and motels and some homes. How common are busts at AAMP locals. Also how well are screening completed for the postings. By EM and other sites.

02-22-2017 11:19:28

pangalactic :

RE: The Law Enforcement Aspect. As I understand it, providers do worry about L.E. trying to bust them, or their clients, but they worry more about L.E. blackmailing them for free favors.

02-21-2017 08:23:04

gigady123 :

I have never heard of a sting in RI taking place at an outcall location. I have heard of plenty of stings at incalls (hotels and motels). Incall for me with only a well known provider. Outcall as I live in a rented house so not much to steal here haha, plus I am a neat freak and a lot of incalls are a mess. You show up and there is a box spring on the floor and dirty clothes all over the place.

02-08-2017 14:48:21

tiffanybae2 :

A lot actually

02-07-2017 06:31:39

elvis55 :

How often do the cops run stings in regards to outcall???...

02-06-2017 18:51:55

tiffanybae2 :

Both have cons and pro People should take the time and meet for a drink or dinner before a session will make the situation more comfortable

02-06-2017 01:05:59

johnhwd :

Incall > Outcall Incall: * I can leave at any time. * I've never been ripped off outright with an incall. Left dissatisfied, yes. But not ripped off. * Providers are less sketched out or anxious at their place -- and I'm pretty easy going so outside of 30 seconds of "AREYOULAWENFORCEMENT" in her eyes or what she says, they always realize I'm not a cop. Probably due to my dick hanging out of my pants and a smile. * Less pimps/drivers/idiots/etc who failed at intimidating me.. More annoyed. * The whole idea of simply being more in control of what's happening -- good or bad or not at all. If I show up and she flakes, isn't who was advertised, makes me wait more than 15 minutes, I leave. * Time also works in my favor with incall. I hate waiting (don't we all) and "visitors" are never on time and because I refuse to spend Charlie Sheen $$$ and live with my girl, I need to make it happen in a small window of opportunity. Outcall: * Always a chaperone somewhere. * They can leave any time. * With the envelope * I don't travel as much as I used to and they'r not coming to my home. *

02-05-2017 03:40:26

leeza :

In or outcalls

01-30-2017 20:24:33

lgrocker :

I think its always better to go for an incall. Yeah there may be a sting going on but getting a hotel room is costly and you never ever want them to know where you live!

01-27-2017 08:34:00

turkgray6977 :

I like out call providing I have been with the girl already. If it's my first time meeting her I prefer in call. I have had bad experiences with both. If I dont know her I don't want her to come to me. If I dont know the girl they often have a guy driving them. Then he will be hanging around and texting her every second and who what else he is doing. He often will be attracting attention. I like to know the girl and she drI've herself. Often if she is enjoying herself she will stay longer. I prefer she be able to make her own decisions on what she wants to do and how long she wants to stay.

01-26-2017 08:49:42

brightnest :

Double book ?? NOT,,,is that why guys react as soon as ad is placed... saying "I be there in 10 minute" ? like their pants is on fire.... what? Why you telling people that? ,,,Many girls actually have a life and morals and require notice to transform themselves and home into place of biz ...and if you stand them up,,, you will be blacklisted.

01-26-2017 08:24:17

brightnest :

BS.....cops have better things to do then chase johns ....unless he is lying in reviews, and just making up circle jerk stories for TER vip, about girls who don't give him full service..just to get them in trouble ...ya he did ....In that case,,, she sets him up for a good one and calls the man on him....what goes around comes around...

01-26-2017 08:11:43

astromahn :

I'll do In call in a area that I know well but always do outcall when traveling. It's a much safer option when you don't know the area. I just survived a robbery attempt in Biloxi, MS with an outcall. It was my room and my space so I had the high ground. Was able to stop the attempt and get my money back because I controlled the space. Beware of Misty and her black pimp in Biloxi, Mississippi

01-25-2017 20:30:39

vipmyamichelle :

lol you guys are funny

01-25-2017 18:24:19

chinc510 :

Just go see well reviewed providers only and then you won't have to deal with cons ever (Except for outcall being expensive unless you're totally rich).

01-25-2017 04:37:30

mortdomm :

Cons: shady bitches knowing what exactly is in your house and where the common theft items are located. Cons: Your neighbor has to chase off their shitty driver who decided to make an extra buck trying to break into all the cars on the street. (I got to be the neighbor a few months back)

01-24-2017 22:28:55

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