Happy Belated Mothers Day

May 19, 2017

A special date has passed us by and we here at Erotic Monkey were too busy to take notice of it, but hey it's a special date for all of us hobbyists alike. I'm talking of course about Mother's Day.  Whether your ATF is already a mother or even a mother in training, last Sunday was their day.


We would like to take the time to celebrate all the delightful ladies who are special in our lives in one way or another.


So we dedicate this (late) piece to all the providers who have to “provide” more than just a date for your lonely nights, who have to provide for a family and still find a place in their big warm hearts for all their hobbyist fans.


Below is a sampling of a few of the lovely ladies out there.


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crushingpussyonviagra :

Happy Belated Mother's day to all the providers that let me go rage mode in them. Hope your kids never find out mommy sometimes gets pounded by sweaty men for a living

06-21-2017 16:10:24

crazy27 :

Ohh yea especially those good looking moms that love to show their jewels while on the street and malls. Flashing pussies all over and as a gift a good cum in your cunt.

06-17-2017 10:26:22

dallasman :

DON'T forget mom and all the nice things she does for us!!!

06-07-2017 23:15:41

hobbytime58669 :

Happy Mother's Day ladies and to my ATF Bianca hope you had great day.

05-20-2017 19:42:40

beaupe :

Yes, happy belated mothers day to all you providers out there

05-20-2017 08:07:39

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