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Jan 11, 2017
Hello world. 

This will be a very personal blog post to those in our tight knit community...the providers out there..the fellas out there...etc.

Backpage has just censored their adult advertisement section. They have censored their escort section, their bodyrubs section, adult jobs section ,etc. 

What does this mean for us? means that many people will be out of work. Safety for those in our industry will be threatened. So we are here to help pick up the slack. 

We strive to be an unbiased source for all escort reviews, both positive and negative.

We want everyone to know that we want to foster and grow the community and help people live happier lives...

We also want everyone to know that we are open to modifications/changes/etc to be able to better assist you. Much of the site is "fantasy" your wish is our command. We have remained a free site and plan to remain a free site for as long as possible (or until we need to spend money on legal fees, bandwidth, etc.)...

We hope that you enjoy your stay and time on EroticMonkey and can help make it one of the best online communities for Mongers on the planet.

We are all brothers and sisters in this giant forest.

Btw, if you ever need to get ahold of someone can e-mail us at

Happy new years and Cheers!

- George (HMIC - Head Monkey in Charge)


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smotherme :

You guys are doing a great job! Hopefully, more and more providers will start posting their stuff on your site.

02-22-2017 09:55:02

down2godown :

02-14-2017 04:09:57

hollienicole_ :

I'm new to this page still.. Where do I go to post at ?

02-12-2017 15:17:08

brightnest :

Brightest please

01-26-2017 12:04:03

brightnest :

thanks that was quick ... what doesn't kill you makes you stronger...see how that monkey evolved

01-26-2017 12:03:13

brightnest :

...and ...and ...and when will FBSM independents have a chapter here and on rubmaps?.... you know, girls who don't need a keeper....or parlor....who dont fuck...but almost... Whose gracious magic you've have committed to for a full hour, with your bare ass in the air ....such courage....As she deals with your dull black hole presence whose only proof of life is a yelp from her popping a dime size zit on your spine....good thing pot is legal... But remember,, you promised to write a good review if she lets you fuck her after,, for free ..remember.....only where ? The NEWmessagelist got infected with lies and closed....well guess you forgot now huh.

01-26-2017 10:25:06

brightnest :

good old craigslist in personnel is full of w4m ... the fags rule and will flag you out fast after you get 100 responses..

01-26-2017 09:35:50

brightnest :

oh waaaw just correct spelling of my name please "Brightest"

01-26-2017 09:33:43

feds91 :

Steve, have you been to Rubmaps great place for massage parlors.

01-24-2017 14:29:52

steveknight :

Any chance that EM will start having review on massage parlors?

01-24-2017 14:16:11

brew7676 :

anyone know how to delete your profile?

01-23-2017 12:26:41

eatenbeever :

Cheers George! U rule!!!

01-21-2017 06:22:09

pmp_michael76 :

Homer32 all you have to do is send an email to info@eroticmonkey and they take care of it... They took care of my profile for me.

01-20-2017 14:56:41

homer32 :

I've had 2 misleading reviews on this site that have lead me to waste time and money$$. Until I hear otherwise I can't trust EM.. just saying..

01-20-2017 14:40:48

victoriasecrets1414 :

The girls are still posting on backpage but under dating women seeking men now! FYI!

01-19-2017 23:52:20

devin :

Hmmm.. There is always exceptions and daaaaamnit... Why the HELL DO the fake girls(fake pix/Bait & Switch)/gotta RUIN IT and/or make it so much harder for the TRULY independent and VERY real awesome providers (like me)? I think... Honestly.. like a couple sites I won't name.. MORE/Just about ALL the sites where girls get to post ads publicly with pics/contact info etc.. The actual SITE ALLOWING girls to post should do the first and initial "qualification/verification/etc" questions to show PROOF they are in fact who they say... If THIS SITE did that and I think also promoted using this site for networking/posting ads AS WELL as reviews.... I think it would do a lot better esp.w credibility and popularity. Just my two cents.. ;) xo, Devin D

01-18-2017 23:51:19

poorboy13 :

I truly believe with all the latest government BS like shutting down back page Erotic Monkey is a site that is poised for tremendous growth!

01-18-2017 05:48:08

joeyox1983 :

Look out for sierra, she stole my car erie police are looking for her and my car. Fuck that car, just find her.

01-16-2017 20:52:11

deepsmile :

I just want claim my profile and the text never comes through

01-15-2017 16:54:39

spinneraddiction :

I really wish you had a way in your advanced search to simply search by text for any word you want to look for. I'm in San Diego, but there are parts of town closer to me than others like "Little Italy". I wish I could just type in Little Italy and it would have all the providers right close by. No way to do this now.

01-15-2017 12:17:30

smithb89 :

Dom, fetishes specific sites?

01-14-2017 15:47:07

cbrownie :

Excellent advice and thanks for being reasonable and keeping everyone up to speed.

01-14-2017 06:44:26

smithb89 :

I noticed bavkpage yesterday I am now here THANKS Any other website you suggest to find good providers?

01-13-2017 17:01:18

chrissykisses :

This too shall pass. I can think of a handful of great sites that were closed for various reasons and they are always replaced. Hang in there and stick with folks who aren't new to the industry. Can we please just regulate the biz, tax, and get on with more important things in this country already?!?

01-13-2017 11:25:20

johnwilde76 :

Some BP providers are now in the massage section Erotic Monkey is as ever a good place to search

01-13-2017 05:25:12

heisenberg47 :

Aren't most of the ads on backpage either bait and switch, robs, and fakes. And doesn't Johnny law run sting operations through BP. The few times I've used it never did the girl in the ad show up.

01-13-2017 03:50:32

midnightrider77 :

Go to the women seeking men section on Backpage. There you will find some of the girls running ads. Happy Trails!

01-12-2017 17:35:09

x501x06 :

Providers seem to have started moving their ads to the women >>>>>men section. In case nobody has looked, look there.

01-12-2017 14:03:20

cherryman34 :

HMIC will monkey start a section for providers to advertise?

01-12-2017 07:57:14

alwayshungry :

Thank You HMIC Very Well Said... Yes it is a forest but its our forest and we just experienced a forest fire it seems. We have been displaced and have been left with our heads spinning but Im sure everything will soon calm down and we will all find each other once again...

01-11-2017 19:57:08

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