Baiting and Switching Part 4

Oct 26, 2016


Tip 3:  Phone Number Search


Assuming that the ad passes both the commonsense and the image search tests, the next step is to check her phone number.

Place the number into google to see if any results pull up.  Make sure that you google the numbers in a general telephone format like (202)555-1212 or you can strip out everything but the number like 2025551212 which generally works.  An increasing trend in terms of making the ad stand out and to help prevent scanning software is for the provider to post their number in a code so only a human can decipher it.  For example, 2zero 2555one2one2 would be a popular way.  Providers will also add random emoticons or other punctuation so that it is not easy to just copy and paste the number into google.  I personally hate it when the provider uses a O instead of a 0 or a l instead of an 1.  Results like this sometimes pull up no results which although is good to prevent scraping software, just leave the user with a bad experience locating information on the provider.


What you are looking for are reviews or other ads that help validate the provider.  If there are reviews on say Erotic Monkey that say the pictures are real and point back to a specific ad, you will have verified information.  You can also use image search to check out those photos and see what is going on with those pictures.  If you find that there is the same phone number for more than one girl, you need to be careful. First off, it may be a Bait and Switch, but sometimes, it is an agency that is promoting multiple girls with the same picture.  Which in itself is a Bait and Switch.  The agency situations require a rolling of the dice.  Often time a switched provider will give great service, but many times they are switched for a reason that is not positive.


Sometimes when doing a phone number search, a lot of listings will show up for the phone number. Be diligent and sift through and find the information that you need.  A list of good sites to help you validate your findings will be determined in time.  But always remember, if you feel like something is off, you can walk away and find someone.  There is no shortage of girls fighting for your hard earned dollars.


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nmsnowbunny28 :

I had to become an incall provider because of minors and flakes fellas and just because a price is low doesn't mean she is bad ugly or fake. I did it because of the bait and switch escorts.

02-25-2017 06:31:22

bwayne :

As a provider I screen by using a free app called Mr Number. A lot of us do. We also leave reviews on that app about YOU. If the caller is rude or a time waster mostly. If I don't get any hits there I plug the number into social media sites and Google. No hits there then I ask for a pic. I am blessed to have regulars that keep coming back so I don't keep an ad up. And I appreciate and discount them to keep them. Nobody likes to chance it so if after trying to screen and I still get no hits I normally say I'm unavailable. I don't do the cop bs. I have no problem sending face pics or even giving them my name to see my social media accounts once I establish who they are. I ran into a cop once but easily weeded him out by screening then made sure to inform the community. The bait and switch thing doesn't seem like a big problem in my area but I do know a lot of providers in my area that have so many silly rules I wonder what the guys really pay for. Anyway, there's my two cents Good luck guys!

02-19-2017 14:06:42

one4all98 :

in backpage when the woman is posting all day and nite .. that is sign she is a bad provider she has no customers and sure as hell have some bad reviews some where. about the spelling numbers women do it so the GUY will READ the ad instead random calling and asking AGAIN what she posted ?? hello that is what some ladies told they were real

02-11-2017 15:01:24

formedriver9 :

I try to only see girls with a face pic. But I have gambled and the girl was the girl in the ad

02-09-2017 00:40:32

brightnest :

and because you're a lot of work user505 and its in your nature to spray your seed hither and thither...for the sake of survival ...and it is in our nature get turned on by those that give us safety,,,(the reason for manners) which is why we dig for gold....instead of having trash dumped on .....except ...well

01-26-2017 12:17:20

brightnest :

She didnt want two seperate numbers..she learned the hard way. She had to move as her landlords googled it ...

01-18-2017 17:39:17

yourfreak :

response to User505- Why dont you try that, wooing a girl & then call me & let me know how much money it cost you & how much time. Then Id like to know how many evenings she gave you catering to what you wanted, in return for all those shopping trips....We are here for when she isn't in the mood to cater to you, or when she doesn't know how to do it jus right, or for those guys who have been married & their wives decide hell no she isn't going to put her mouth anywhere near your pleasure spots.....We are also here for the guys who are too busy focused on their career to be caught up in the drama of a relationship. We are also here for the guy who is waiting for that special one & jus doesnt want to settle for a relationship with any girl jus to hav a sex life.....We are also here to take care of all those freaky fetishes that some are too shy to share with their significant other. We are also here for the guy who has no intention to leave his wife, but she just isnt up to the tasks of taking care of his special needs (maybe she's ill or goin thru menopause, etc.)....Watever the issue, we are the lady you call when you want to be catered to & we come dressed sexy, wet, & willing not caring about anything else during the hour except pleasing you.

01-07-2017 08:06:34

yourfreak :

The girls aren't putting letters in place of digits to keep you from googgleling it- that is so stupid- & its not the reason its done.

01-07-2017 07:52:38

salk62 :

12-25-2016 17:50:18

user505 :

wouldn't it be easier to try to woo a nice girl and have a relationship.

12-21-2016 01:36:32

fancy88tlc :

Use Tineye or google images on pictures.False advertisement for business.....................Thanks shring all the stories about adult business......................................I had a guy-KRAZY0341 write false review on me.I have never seen him before in my life.....A lot of my clients don't write reviews on sex board cuz illeagl business.

12-19-2016 13:19:13

1ndigo :

Bait and switch goes under many names and numbers 504-300-0356 is the most recent. She has taken pics from someone in California who has been using her own pics months before this girl has and has never switched her number or typing therefore its evident who is real and who is fake. Please stop this weirdo, who knows what she's doing using fake pics she could also be a rob. She has traveled to Standford Connecticut, Massachusetts, Ohio, Oklahoma, Washingtonton and Arkansas. Google search the pics yourself to find out. The original girl has a tattoo on her stomach that she covers. Be careful guys.

12-15-2016 15:47:27

abarder01 :

I have been doing this since 1984. I do not even have 2 providers to give as a reference to verification sights. First I was doing club girls in cicero. I called escorts as well. Some of them stole my money, others did bait and switch. One time girl in Skokie simply took my 200 dollars. After that she simply didn't do anything at all. She knows I can't call the cops and tell them prostitute stole my money. I am almost 54 years old and remember times when street walkers were available everywhere. At least they stole 30 -40 dollars not 200 300 dollars. Never know who you are dealing with.

11-27-2016 01:13:38

surfpelican :

it cracks me up to think that people still try to switch up a phone number by spelling out the digits, thinking that is going to fool scanning software. I can tell you right now absolutely that only the most stupid web scraper is fooled by that. Computers can spell! Haven;t you seen autocorrect in action? And, if there are digits interspersed with words for digits, then it's a dead giveaway to the scanning algorithms. Finally there are deep learning neural nets which have learned how to pick thru the emoticon garbage and pattern-recognize obscurated phone numbers. A Tesla can drive itself, can recognize pedestrians, and cars, and lane lines and read traffic signs. Do you REALLY think these stupid little obscuration tricks are going to fool Google, the largest networked computer in the world? I. Don't. Think. So.

11-26-2016 05:39:19

sadie25 :

mjordan - Are you that dense? You dont have to open a wallet to see it's full of cash.

11-25-2016 20:35:11

mjordan :

sadie25.....Why did you open his wallet in the first place? You knew it was his so don't go there. Hmmmm. And another way to stop bait and switch is to insist on a live video chat right before the date.

11-17-2016 12:23:34

tbear53 :

The best thing to do if you were the recipient of Bait and Switch (and it worked for me) just say "oops I left my wallet in the car, I will be right back", then just get out.

11-15-2016 08:08:57

sadie25 :

What about the client bait and switch? I dont know how many times guys show up after having agreed to a rate/time and say 'Ooh sorry I only have $X' or 'Oh I thought it was only $X' after having obviously agreed to the rate I told them earlier. Or they lay down the money hoping it wont be counted and try to short me by some amount, that's also happened several times. They always claim it's an accident, of course. I even had a guy short me 40 bucks once, and left his wallet in my place. The wallet had at least several hundred dollars in it. I literally sprinted for the door and caught him just before he pulled away and gave him his wallet. I came back inside, counted his money, and he had shorted me 50 bucks. I texted him and he promised to come back the next day with it, and he did. I kind of feel like if the incident with the wallet hadn't happened he probably wouldn't have, but he probably felt bad after I returned his absolutely full wallet to him.

11-09-2016 01:53:04

damianmurray77 :

Look what i get im cool with in what ever get in a woman fine just nooooooooooooo transgender people

11-08-2016 08:54:57

big_foot :

What if you arrive and is a dog face that ways 350lbs. What will she do if i just say sorry this isnt what you portrayed and walk away?

11-03-2016 08:16:59

jonj :

Erika is the lady in her pictures. I can verify this. And the pictures do her no justice, just because doesn't want her face seen because of these sites as well as the danger involved in the business, does not mean those are not if herself.

11-03-2016 02:50:29

caliholiday4u2c :

Well like I keep saying the only reason the girls are still doing the bait and switch is cause some of you guys give into them and they get money anyway.

11-01-2016 12:07:34

seville12 :

Is it safe if a girl is at a hotel

10-31-2016 04:10:31

elwin4 :

If you want a repeat client and good publicity for yourself then try being honest. I personally check each person I think would be great but I'm thinking these girls must like to lie and as a result reviews pop up in their disfavor.

10-28-2016 12:04:24

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