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Sep 8, 2017

I'm sure that, if you're taking the time to read the Erotic Monkey blog, you're already a seasoned internet-savvy hobbyist and know all your LOLs, WTFs, and LMAOs. But in this hobby, we have way more acronyms than just those, a lot more. You've seen them all around our site, right? LFK, DFK, CG, ACG, YMMV, and the rest. You know these by heart already because you've been on the internet and the hobby for a long while.


But what for our newbie hobbyist buddies? Or better yet, hobbyists who have been in the game for a long while but just now started going into the whole internet-hobby culture? Well lucky for us, information is all around us here on the net.


Our sister site Rubmaps has a very handy Slang guide (you can find it on their site, under their banner) with all the acronyms, double entendres and code words you would ever need. In case you see one you had never heard of you can always find them on the Urban Dictionary, you wouldn't believe it but before we started this site I had never seen BBJTCIMNQNS, I thought it was a code for a BBQ with a provider in Nova Scotia or something, so I ran straight into the Urban Dictionary and typed it in and voila, I was in the know now.


There's nothing more American than using acronyms if you want to be a red, white and blue, seasoned hobbyist you're gonna have to learn your acronyms, make sure to use lots of them when writing your next review for us so we know you're a real hobby dude.


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colin63 :

This is my first time and I'm over 60. Any tips or suggestions are appreciated!

10-05-2017 22:29:19

sweetgwen :

Day is dining anthem y meaning "eating a woman out" because a woman's body naked with legs spread forms the shape of the leter you can NOW see..Lol...that one took me the longest to get..I actually just finally asked one of my clients about that one today! Xoxo..Gwen..Myrtle Beach...

10-03-2017 18:52:17

adjustyou69 :

What is daty?

10-01-2017 23:59:14

discreetone4me :

I need an escort in Knoxville, to show me around.

09-14-2017 06:46:13

kaelio5000 :

Wtf was that bs. Gmwafs hobbyist is the creepiest title people could attach to hook in up w randoms

09-08-2017 23:24:05

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