Why would you see a provider?

Jan 30, 2017

Men frequent providers for a wide variety of reasons. The providers are delivering a type of pleasure that men are not able to get in their everyday life. There is no question that providers are in high demand, but what is it about these providers that entices men so much?   ...

Incall V Outcall

Jan 23, 2017

Here is a topic that everyone should be very familiar with before embarking on a escorted date.  Namely where does this date occur?  Is it an Incall date where you go to the provider’s location or is it an outcall date where the provider comes to you?   I will outline some of the ... - Long live the King!

Jan 11, 2017

Hello world.  This will be a very personal blog post to those in our tight knit community...the providers out there..the fellas out there...etc. Backpage has just censored their adult advertisement section. They have censored their escort section, their bodyrubs section, adult jobs section ,etc.  What does this mean for us? means that ...

Baiting and Switching Part 5

Dec 23, 2016

Sorry this has been delayed, but here is the last part of the Bait and Switch series.The Initial Call: After you have gone through the above exercise and determined that the ad has passed all the tests, give the provider a call.  This call will give you  some insight into ...

Baiting and Switching Part 4

Oct 26, 2016

  Tip 3:  Phone Number Search   Assuming that the ad passes both the commonsense and the image search tests, the next step is to check her phone number. Place the number into google to see if any results pull up.  Make sure that you google the numbers in a general ...

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